Responsible sourcing and production

Choosing the right materials is an essential part of our strategy. This means producing with more sustainable materials, by selecting higher quality materials that are ethically sourced (like hemp or organic cotton), natural materials (like bamboo or cork) emphasize on recycled materials (like RPET, mix recycled fabrics, recycled paper) and consider whether materials (type of plastic, glass, stainless steel, aluminium) and finished products lend themselves to a recycling process.

We support our suppliers to source and/or produce with more sustainable solutions, talking about material selection and way of working. We decrease the amount of virgin synthetic fibers and plastics we are using and change gradually and wherever possible to sustainable options. At this moment its means that already 38,2% of all our items are produced in more sustainable materials.

We work towards a full banning of disposable, one time use items and aim to reduce the number of these non bio-degradable products in our assortment to 0%.

Although all items made from organic cotton, natural and recycled fabrics and hard recycled plastics are produced under a certified label, as midocean we started the process of own certification over the full supply chain. We strive to have this in place end of 2023.