We have warehouses in the Netherlands and in Poland, with a combined capacity of 35.000 m2. Our well-established warehouse and production facility in Poland is the largest one in Europe. In our printing facility, we produce over 7 million prints per month, with almost 1000 motivated employees.

Quality and security are very important and therefore we have an extensive quality control process in place, resulting in a very high quality service with a less than 1% rejection rate. If you still have a complaint, we will solve this as soon as possible. Furthermore, safety is our main priority and this includes the printing inks we use in our facility. Click here to download our Declaration of Conformity regarding our inks and ink removers.

We have more than 15 different printing techniques at our disposal to fulfil and process all decoration requests. In addition, we have a huge production capacity to meet all demands large or small. Just let us know your requirement and challenge us!

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“We can offer you the fastest and most reliable service, as product stock and our print facility share the same building”

midocean printing statistic overview

Our Printing Techniques

We offer various printing techniques to match the materials and design you are looking for! Some materials work best with certain techniques. Below we give details about each of the printing techniques we offer. This is powerful information for selling to your clients. We also explain below the artwork requirements. For more information or questions feel free to contact your local sales department.


Full printing technique presentation available here  
Videos showing each technique available here