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Italy - 2024

  • 30-31 January and 01 February - PTE (Fieramilano)

France - 2024

  • 9 January - Road show (Lille, Experience Garage, 34 bvd Carnot)
  • 11 January - Road show (Nantes, Tour du Fer à Cheval, 4 Place Marc Elder)
  • 16-17 January - Road show (Paris, Le Karé 45 bis Av. Edouard Vaillant)
  • 18 January - OTP (Lille, Village Btwin Decathlon)
  • 23 January - Road show (Lyon, Voiles du Grand Large, 81 rue Victor Hugo)
  • 23 January - OTP (Paris, Parc des Princes)
  • 25 January - Road show (Marseille, Espaces Évènementiels des Réformés, 125 La Canebière)
  • 6-7-8 February - CTCO (Lyon)
  • 20 February - OTP (Nantes, La Carrière)
  • 27 February - OTP (Toulouse, Stade Wallon)
  • 12 March - OTP (Marseille, Casino Pasino)
  • 19 March - OTP (Bruxelles)
  • 26 March - OTP (Metz, Stade Saint-Symphorien)

Benelux - 2024

  • 23 January - Promz Product Premiere (Gent)

Iberia - 2024

  • 16-18 January - Promogift (Madrid)

Germany - 2024

  • 9-11 January - PSI (Messe Düsseldorf)

UK - 2024

  • 24-25 January - Merchandise World (Coventry)

To facilitate the accelerating growth of the company, midocean has opened a new 40.000m2 logistics and printing facility in the close proximity to the current warehouse in Ruda Śląska, Poland.

Growth ambition

Not more than four years after the opening of the current facility. This facility was already unique in its sort in terms of full automation of the intra logistics in the printing operation. Nevertheless, the company has decided to expand significantly. The template of the current operation will be mirrored, only on a significantly larger scale. It will also comply to the highest environmental and sustainability standards of today. By doing so, midocean does not only condition its own growth ambition. It anticipates on the intention to expand its product portfolio, including the widening of the textile assortment that will be offered after the take-over of the company by SOLO Group earlier this year.

Grand opening

The opening of the new facility was celebrated during the second week of September with all personnel. Also most business partners that supported the realization of the turnkey operation in less than one year, were present. After the official ceremony involving speeches by CEO Stephen Gibson, General manager Mohammed Mohammed and Ruda Śląska mayor Jacek Morek, the building was officially presented to personnel and all special guests in attendance. The day was successfully completed with a tasteful party until late in the evening.

“This new facility allows midocean to maintain its high service levels towards our customers. To keep delivering with the highest speed, we also installed many new cutting-edge technology printing machines that are custom built and tailored to our printing requirements. We will continue to develop in this area to ensure we can increase our capacities in line with the demands of the market. We are confident that this new location further strengthens us in continuity and future growth and contributes to our overall sustainable development goals” says Stephen Gibson – CEO midocean

As midocean we contribute to create conscious promotions. That is why we introduce vegan gifts that are made in Europe. Under the name Branded by Earth we now launch a natural, vegan, multi-use beauty care line with 100% plant based and skin-friendly ingredients. These products do not contain animal derived ingredients.

All Branded by Earth products are made in Europe and originate from natural raw materials. As the beauty care line from Branded by Earth is plant based, all products give off a natural fragrance and are friendly to all skin types.

Branded by Earth is a plastic free brand, As unnecessary plastic packaging is eliminated and recyclable packaging is being used, we reduce our level of waste and thus our environmental footprint.

"Indulge your customers and help to promote and strengthen an eco-friendly lifestyle"

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SOLO Group and midocean are joining forces. On June 16th, SOLO Group has acquired Mid Ocean Group.

For several years already, the promotional product market in Europe is changing rapidly. The demand is evolving boldly and fast. It is today essential for our customers to be able to depend on suppliers that can effectively deliver the best service. When it comes to textile, suppliers need to invest in enhancing their brands awareness and desirability and in developing the perfect products fitting markets needs and expectations. This way, customers, whether they are distributors, resellers, printers or workwear specialists, can focus their attention on selling. Nurturing this virtuous circle shall benefit the entire market. Therefore, suppliers need to continuously reflect on how best to support customers in this changing environment.

To better address the promotional market evolution and resellers requirement for one stop shop experience, SOLO Group and midocean engaged in 2020 in a commercial cooperation. This way they could explore the compatibility of both companies when offering a selection of the SOLO Group portfolio including decoration to resellers in Europe. This cooperation was very successful, with a positive halo effect towards the entire distribution network of SOLO Group. Moreover, both companies appeared a perfect fit in terms of geography, operational set-up and company values motivating SOLO Group to pursue the acquisition of midocean early 2022.

midocean are very proud to be able to say that we have been a member of the British Promotional Merchandise Association for 25 years. The BPMA has supported the industry tirelessly and never more so than over the last 2 years.

Being a member shows your customers and competitors that you work to certain operational standards and ethics and adhere to the BPMA's code of conduct. Ultimately delivering confidence to all those in the promotional merchandise supply chain.

Your bottle can be printed now all the way around. With these 360° options, these reusable bottles will stand even out more. Full colour digitally printed bottles combine the technology of UV inkjet digital printing with rotary print capabilities. This technique allows the printing of full colour images with fresh, vibrant colours around bottles and other cylindrical items.

If you want a luxurious print effect you can choose now for Laser engraving 360. Rotary laser engraving allows midocean to offer an engraved design on the circumference of cylindrical items like bottles. This is a durable printing option over a larger surface area for the best personalised gift with maximum brand exposure.

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During the Fluid Annual conference and Gala awards dinner, we won 2 awards and were highly commended in about 5 other categories. This means we received certificates and came 2nd or 3rd in that category.

The first award is the Post Brexit Excellence as we stood a chance with and the efforts we go to were recognised. The other award is the Supplier of the Year award; the big one everyone wants!

Both awards mean a testament to the way the Fluid account is looked after and the service we deliver; a real genuine team effort!

Congratulations to the complete UK team!

Following the first full audit in September 2019, the European print facility of midocean retains its A-score that was achieved in a follow-up audit last February.

During the full audit that needs to be repeated every two years, an independent auditor noted a consistent outcome. midocean is the first print facility in the industry where an amfori BSCI audit was conducted. With again an A-score, the company is able to retain the highest possible audit result!

amfori BSCI performs independent and recurring audits at our suppliers. In addition, we also ensure that our own production facility meets all local legal requirements in the field of working conditions. During the first week of September audit company Intertek Poland conducted a full amfori BSCI audit in our printing facility. During the audit no findings were reported and the auditor noted various best practices. This means that in some areas we do better than the law requires. Also with this great score, as a quality-conscious company, midocean keeps it focus on securing continuous quality improvements.

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Aligned with the growing need to support social and responsible production, recycling and reutilization, we continuously re-examine the way we approach our product and material selection, manufacturing and print production processes.

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A balanced and varied range of bestsellers in a one-stop-solution: all promotional textiles now as fast as 24hrs, like all hardgoods from stock!

With a total product and print price, just one invoice and freight costs and one point of contact for both hardgoods and textiles.

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With the pine seeds infused into these items you can give back to the earth whilst highlighting your company in a sustainable way. Bring new life to the planet by using these seeds. The tree will grow approximately 30 cm per year. Helping absorb CO2 and providing oxygen in exchange. Made in Europe, these are the perfect sustainable gifts for all ages.

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Following the reports of the NVWA, we will immediately stop the sale of food contact products containing plastic with bamboo and/or maize fibres. The reason for this measure has to do with the advice of a European research committee which has established that bamboo fibre should not be considered as a wood species but as a grass species. This means that bamboo falls out of the permitted additives list of Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 as "grass" is simply not mentioned.

It is currently being investigated whether "grasses" can still be added to the above-mentioned list.

The reason that bamboo and maize fibre is being investigated in combination with plastic is due to a risk assessment that potentially harmful amounts of melamine and formaldehyde from the cups could end up in food at higher temperatures. However, we have an active policy on the testing of these goods and in previous inspections by the NVWA we demonstrated that the "bamboo" articles marketed by midocean do not contain melamine and formaldehyde.

We would like to emphasise that the measure is the result of the above-mentioned advice and that our articles therefore do not pose a direct risk to public health.

At the European print facility, midocean is the first in the promotional industry to achieve the highest achievable audit score.

Ede- An independent auditor noted a significant improvement compared to the previous audit that took place in 2019. midocean is the only company in the industry to undergo an amfori BSCI audit. With an A-score, the company is also the first to achieve the highest possible audit result!

Safe working conditions

As a major player in the promotional industry, midocean takes its responsibility seriously. The entire midocean collection is produced according to European laws and regulations, all products are safe and tested with reports available directly on the midocean web site at item level. It is also vitally important that the people who produce and decorate the items can do so under safe conditions.

Independent, recurring audits

We prioritize the safety of all people involved in making our products. midocean is therefore a member of amfori BSCI: an initiative to improve working conditions worldwide. On behalf of midocean and by accredited audit companies, amfori BSCI performs independent and recurring audits at our suppliers. The findings of each audit are used to develop an improvement plan and the factory is given a set amount of time to implement these improvements.

Own print location achieves A-score amfori BSCI

In addition, we also ensure that our own production facility meets all local legal requirements in the field of working conditions. That is why amfori BSCI and SEDEX Smeta 4P audits are regularly performed at our print location in Ruda, Poland, in line with the required audit intervals. An audit provides a deeper insight into areas where continuous improvements can be made to the operational practises and facilities. As a quality concious organisation midocean on the 14th and 15th of January 2021 carried out a follow-up audit of both amfori BSCI and SEDEX Smeta 4P at our print facility. This audit resulted in a unique A-score achievement. The independent auditor noted a significant improvement compared to the previous audit. midocean demonstrates that it is able to improve its business processes in the field of working hours, environmental requirements and safety in a relatively short time. This benefits the organization, but above all contributes to a good, healthy and safe working environment for employees and the immediate environment of the location.

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Hemp is one of the oldest and most eco-friendly textile fabrics. It is made from fibres of the fast growing cannabis plant that is naturally pest resistant and that can grow without the assistance of fertilizers and pesticides. This makes it a 100% organic crop and very environmentally friendly. Not only the production process of the hemp fibres is very sustainable, but also due to the fact that these organic fibres are 100% recyclable.

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