Midocean takes its role seriously! As a major player in the promotional industry, we take our responsibility seriously. We believe it is very important that our items are produced according to European legislation and regulations, but we also think it is important that the people who make our items can do so in safe conditions.

midocean is a member of amfori BSCI

We think it is normal that the working conditions at our producers are safe. We want to be sure that they follow their national legislation, but also comply with international conventions and conventions in the field of working conditions.That is why we are a member of amfori BSCI, an initiative to improve working conditions worldwide. amfori BSCI currently has more than 2,400 members and that number is growing every year. This is important because the more members there are, the more audits they can perform.

By being a member of amfori BSCI we have gained much more transparency in our supply chain, it also increases awareness of labor rights within our chain and the most important thing is that it contributes to good working conditions for the people who make our products.

If we have our partner companies audited, we also want to ensure that our own production location meets all requirements. This means that the audits take place on product level (at our suppliers) and at our own printing location. That is why amfori BSCI carried out an audit in September 2019 - with success - at our print location in Ruda, Poland.

Responsible supply chain management

For midocean, good conditions under which our products are produced are important. We strive for the best possible conditions for people, the environment, and society throughout the entire production chain.

The choice for a product and the supplier is carefully made. We believe it is very important that our items are produced according to European legislation and regulations, but we also think it is important that the people who make our items can do so in safe conditions. The majority of our items are produced in China, a so-called risk country in the field of working conditions. That is why we have thorough checks or "social audits" carried out there.

How does an audit work?

The audit is always performed by an independent audit company, these are accredited by amfori BSCI. The audit is based on several requirements that a supplier must meet. These requirements are laid down in the Code of Conduct. For example, the following points are considered: child labor, forced labor, working hours, living wage, safety risks and environmental pollution. The controls during an audit are very thorough.

On the last day of the audit, the auditor discusses the results with management and the employee representative and the areas for improvement in performance are discussed and then included in the audit report. If necessary, the supplier then has 60 days to prepare an improvement plan for these points.

Depending on the result of the audit (the score), a follow-up audit follows which takes place within 12 months of the initial audit. If the result is good, then obviously no improvement plan needs to be drawn up and a new audit will take place after 2 years.

What does midocean do in the audit process?

Before the audit, we inform the supplier about the Code of Conduct of amfori BSCI and that we expect subsequent delivery of these standards. After the audit we thoroughly read the audit report, study the findings and discuss this with the supplier and try to help where possible. This is also the time to look at our own processes. An example of this is the timing of placing an order. A common issue in China is employees structurally work excessive overtime, this may arise because we as a company expect a (too) short delivery time to supply our large warehouse. Of course, good working conditions are of great importance for our own employees.

Outcome of the audit in September 2019

60% of the goods value leaves with a print from our printing company in Poland. Because we are an active member of amfori BSCI, we have chosen to have an amfori BSCI audit carried out in our own production location. This audit took place last September and has given us a number of insights into which we, as an employer, can improve and which we will use. midocean thereby contributes to goal 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals. There are seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, or Sustainable Development Goals, to "make the world a better place" by 2030.

midocean offers a standard printing service of 24 hours!

It is already 6 years ago that we established our Polish printing facility. Since then it has grown into one of the largest printing facilities in Europe, producing over 2,5 million prints every month. We are very proud of this achievement and are even more happy that we can now print any order, up to 2000 pieces, within 24 hours. We offer this as a standard service, so you can get 24 hours printing at no additional cost.

From Poland we can ship all over Europe within 24-72 hours, so the goods can be on your clients doorstep hassle free within 48-96 hours. Therefore more of our customers rely on this one stop service, saving them both time and money on every order. This promotion expires 31st March 2020. 

If you haven’t tried our printing service yet, why not gives us a try?
Back in the 90s, midocean acquired an office space in Barneveld. For over 20 years, we have enjoyed working in a combined warehouse and office. Due to the continuous growth of the company, the office space was no longer spacious enough for the increasing amount of colleagues. In addition to this, the demand for printed items was increasing in such a rate that it no longer made sense to keep a full warehouse in any other location than our central printing facility in Poland.

The time for a change had started and after launching a new logo and website, we needed a new office space. Hence, the search for a new location began.

A new head office for midocean was found in Ede. As the first renter, we had the freedom to design the office space according to our own wishes. After months of planning and meetings, the office space turned into a new home for midocean.

We are proud to present to you our new head office: a space where different cultures mingle and collaborate. With a new trendy and industrial looking office, we are ready to work in a space where we strive to become better each day.

Experience our new collection in person. See which fairs & roadshows we will be organising close to you.

midocean has announced that the existing partnership with the Swiss brand SKROSS®, the international market leader for high-quality travel adapters, is getting more intense: midocean is now offering six different SKROSS® adapters from their popular Power Gifts range from stock, all readily available to be printed. Distributors can now choose from different models, available without any minimum order quantity. This partnership is special because midocean has never offered such an extensive range of SKROSS® Power Gifts from stock before.

For both midocean and SKROSS®, safety is always at the centre of the entire development and production process. Extensive quality controls accompany every production phase at SKROSS®, with final certification processes documenting the products’ compliance with all relevant safety requirements. midocean has a similar ethos when it comes to fulfilling international norms and standards, therefore both companies see a perfect fit. With the addition of the SKROSS® products to the collection, midocean will supply customers with the possibility of safe, printed adapters directly from stock.

midocean announces that on July 12th 2016, all ordinary shares in midocean owned by HAV, have been acquired by investment company Korenvliet. Korenvliet is a company majority owned by midocean executive board members Rutger de Planque and Stephen Gibson. The group of HAV continues as controlling shareholder of Favorite Gifts. The main brands of Favorite Gifts are Giving Europe and Van Helden Relatiegeschenken. midocean and Giving Europe have always operated and continue to operate completely independent; for customers there will be no change.