Special Handling

At midocean we offer you special handling possibilities for a fully customised experience. The special handing process is custom and can differ per order and region. For accurate prices and the best options for you, please contact our sales team. Below you can find all the different special handling options we can offer you.


For electronic products that require batteries there are two options:

  1. We insert the batteries directly into the item, for direct usage
  2. We add the batteries seperately to the box

Delivery Note

Upon request we can add a delivery note on the carton box. This will make it easier for the transporter, you, and your customer to see what is packed within.

Special Box

For shipping out your ordered items there are two packaging options:

  1. Our own boxes: Standard carton boxes
  2. Your own boxes: We pack the items in boxes provided by you
special handling warehouse image
special handling conveyor image


For most items we can offer a polybag packaging method. This can be anywhere between 1 to 250 items per polybag.

Labels Export/Items

You can request custom labels to be put on the export carton boxes. Labels can also be added to the items. You provide us with the information to place on the label and we do the rest. Custom labels can be different sizes, shapes and in full color. You can also choose from our standard label sizes.

Standard label sizes:

  • 3,8x2,1 cm
  • 7,0x2,5 cm
  • 10,4x4,2 cm
  • 10,5x7,4 cm
  • 10,5x14,8 cm


We can fold your textile items (shirts, blouses, jackets, etc.) for you. Then, there are two ways to proceed after that:

  1. Add the folded items together into a box
  2. Pack each individual folded item into a polybag

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