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At midocean we contribute to create conscious promotions. That is why we have introduced a range of vegan gifts that are made in Europe. Under the name Branded by Earth we now launch a natural, vegan, multi-use beauty care line with 100% plant based and skin-friendly ingredients. These products do not contain animal derived ingredients.

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Natural raw materials

All Branded by Earth products are made in Europe and originate from natural raw materials.

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Contain no animal ingredients

All Branded by Earth products are vegan gifts, meaning that ingredients are not derived from or tested on animals.

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100% plant based and skin-friendly ingredients

As the beauty care line from Branded by Earth is plant based, all products give off a natural fragrance and are friendly to all skin types.

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Water conservation

Liquid cosmetics consists up to 80% water and therefore leave a large ecological footprint. Within the Branded by Earth beauty care line liquid personal hygiene and beauty products are transformed into bars that contain only the ingredients that are really needed.

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Branded by Earth is a plastic free brand, As unnecessary plastic packaging is eliminated and recyclable packaging is being used, we reduce our level of waste and thus our environmental footprint.

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“Indulge your customers and help to promote and strengthen an eco-friendly lifestyle"


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