Printing lead times

Printing lead times adjusted

In a rapidly changing market place with the ever increasing demands and expectations of the end user, the speed and reliability of your supplier's performance to adequately service you and your client is now more vital than ever. This has been the driving force, in recent years, for us to upscale our printing capacity and to heavily invest in our production capabilities in Poland. The aforementioned investment has enabled us to reduce production lead-times to an unprecedented 24 hours for all main decoration techniques.

Unsurprisingly this has not gone unnoticed within the trade... Today we employ over 1000 people and we have managed an 80% increase in total print volumes. 

Besides this continuous growth, we have recently moved our entire facility to a new location. This new facility (both a printing area and a warehouse) is designed to cater for further growth and professionalisation. Obviously, this movement has brought its challenges, causing our printing lead times to fluctuate a bit. 

in order to be able to offer you a consistent and reliable service, we have decided to increase our standard printing lead time to 48 hours. Although this will still match most alternative offerings and we would have preferred to stick to the 24 hours service you are used to, we are convinced this is the best way to maintain our reliable service level and to assist you in the best way possible. 

Please have a look at the overview below for the current lead time per printing technique.

We trust to have informed you well. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on lead times.