midocean printing facility

Our warehouse and production facility in Poland is, with a combined capacity of almost 50.000m2, the most prominent and productive one in Europe. In our semi-automated printing facility and with almost 1000 midocean team members we produce over 5.6 million prints per month over 17 different print techniques. The agility of our infrastructure allows us to immediate upscale our production allowing us the capability of a 24 hour print service.

We want to offer you the perfect personalised gift whereby quality and safety are most important. Therefore we have an extensive quality control process in place, resulting in a less than 1% rejection rate. During our printing process, we guarantee safety by using the right printing inks in our facility. Click here to download our Declaration of Conformity regarding our inks and ink removers.

We can offer you the perfect personalised gift in the most cost-effective, fastest and sustainable way.

Our printing techniques

By continuously upgrading to the latest specific printing techniques and processes in the industry we can match the materials and design you are looking for! As we have 17 different print techniques available, we can always assure the best branding result per material. Below we share more details about each of the printing techniques we offer. You can also find more information about the artwork details (requirements). For more information or questions feel free to contact your local sales department.