Ethical fabrics

Ethical fabrics are materials that are organically processed, so no pesticides are being used. Our materials are recovered from old or unworn clothes and waste fabrics. So up-cycled.

Conscious promotions material fairtrade cotton

Fairtrade cotton

Fairtrade cotton is a sustainable and ethically sourced material that ensures better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries. Buying or using products made from Fairtrade cotton contributes to a system that uplifts communities and improves the economic climate.

Our Fairtrade cotton range includes bags that are ideal for various uses, such as shopping bags, drawstring bags and cosmetic bags. These items are practical for daily use and offer a touch of timeless elegance. By personalising them with your logo, you make sure that your brand is associated with high-quality, ethically produced goods, and is promoted in a responsible and meaningful way.


Hemp is one of the oldest and most eco-friendly textile fabrics. It is made from fibres of the fast growing cannabis plant that is naturally pest resistant and that can grow without the assistance of fertilizers and pesticides. This makes it a 100% organic crop and therefore very environmentally friendly. The production process of the hemp fibres is a very sustainable one and also due to the fact that these organic fibres are 100% recyclable.

Conscious promotions material organic cotton

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is equal to cotton with the difference that it is naturally grown without use of any pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or any other chemical. In order to know for sure that the cotton is indeed organic, manufacturers go through extensive supply chain verification by third-parties and only certified cotton can be marketed. Number of organic cotton farms is increasing fastly however still counts for a very small part of overall cotton production worldwide.