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UTAH TOUCH Glass bottle in pouch 500ml
Dimensions Dimensions: Ø6X16CM Volume: 1.536 cdm3 Gross Weight: 0.392 kg Net Weight: 0.327 kg
Packaging Carton Height: 0.48 m Carton Width: 0.4 m Carton Length: 0.4 m Carton Volume: 0.077 m3 Carton Gross Weight: 19.6 kg Carton Quantity: 50 pieces
General Brand: MOB Commodity Code: 7013 9900 Country of Origin: CN EAN: 8719941051447 PMS Colour: 467C
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Drinking bottle in glass with neoprene style and jute mixed material pouch. Capacity: 500 ml. Not suitable for carbonated drinks. Leak free.

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