• Moving Head office
    Back in the 90s, midocean acquired an office space in Barneveld. For over 20 years, we have enjoyed working in a combined warehouse and office. Due to the continuous growth of the company, the office space was no longer spacious enough for the increasing amount of colleagues. In addition to this, the demand for printed items was increasing in such a rate that it no longer made sense to keep a full warehouse in any other location than our central printing facility in Poland.

    The time for a change had started and after launching a new logo and website, we needed a new office space. Hence, the search for a new location began.

    A new head office for midocean was found in Ede. As the first renter, we had the freedom to design the office space according to our own wishes. After months of planning and meetings, the office space turned into a new home for midocean.

    We are proud to present to you our new head office: a space where different cultures mingle and collaborate. With a new trendy and industrial looking office, we are ready to work in a space where we strive to become better each day.

  • Cooperation between midocean and SKROSS® is entering a new phase
    midocean has announced that the existing partnership with the Swiss brand SKROSS®, the international market leader for high-quality travel adapters, is getting more intense: midocean is now offering six different SKROSS® adapters from their popular Power Gifts range from stock, all readily available to be printed. Distributors can now choose from different models, available without any minimum order quantity. This partnership is special because midocean has never offered such an extensive range of SKROSS® Power Gifts from stock before.

    For both midocean and SKROSS®, safety is always at the centre of the entire development and production process. Extensive quality controls accompany every production phase at SKROSS®, with final certification processes documenting the products’ compliance with all relevant safety requirements. midocean has a similar ethos when it comes to fulfilling international norms and standards, therefore both companies see a perfect fit. With the addition of the SKROSS® products to the collection, midocean will supply customers with the possibility of safe, printed adapters directly from stock.
  • Management acquires 100% of ordinary shares in midocean
    midocean announces that on July 12th, all ordinary shares in midocean owned by HAV, have been acquired by investment company Korenvliet. Korenvliet is a company majority owned by midocean's executive board members Rutger de Planque and Stephen Gibson. The group of HAV continues as controlling shareholder of Favorite Gifts. The main brands of Favorite Gifts are Giving Europe and Van Helden Relatiegeschenken. midocean and Giving Europe have always operated and continue to operate completely independent; for customers there will be no change.
  • Fairs & Roadshows
    Experience our new collection in person. See which fairs & roadshows we will be organising close to you.
  • Roadshow Greece - Date TBD - February
  • Roadshow UAE - Date TBD - February
  • Roadshow Greece - Date TBD - September
  • Roadshow UAE - Date TBD - September

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