Privacy and Cookie Policy

Our Privacy Policy is continuously under review to make sure we comply to the European laws of privacy. Please make sure you visit this page regularly to keep yourself updated on our Privacy Policy.

midocean takes the security of our data very seriously. Our Privacy Policy explains which precautions and care we take to handle your personal and company data. It also answers the following questions:

  • What data will be stored, used?
  • How can you change, store or delete data?
  • Will data be shared with 3rd parties and will my data be secured to prevent abuse?

Please take a moment to read below the data we will store and use and how you can manage this data yourself.


midocean is responsible to secure all company and personal data, that we need to store, process and use in our website.

Our employees will be informed regularly on the data protection responsibility. Our starting point for this are the privacy rules and regulations as laid down by the European Union. If needed with extra attention per country for country specific deviations of these European regulation.

What data will be stored and used when I visit the midocean website?

It is possible to visit our website without notifying us who you are. It is not possible however to make use of transactional functionality in that case. Only after you have logged in, we will be able to show you the correct date for your purchase and information needs at midocean.

We collect not personalised data throughout your visit (before and after login) to improve our offering to all our customers. Next to that we will use the IP address you are using to enter the site, to determine from which country you are accessing the website. That way we will be able to show you the correct webshop in the correct language. The IP address will not be stored for this purpose.

Google Analytics

In the website we make use of Google Analytics, a service of Google Inc, to analyse the usage of our website. Google Analytics makes use of cookies, small text files that are stored on your computer, tablet or phone, which enable the analysis of website behaviour.

The information that is retrieved by these cookies is stored on the servers of Google. These servers are mainly located in the United States of America. The data is therefore also stored on these servers.

The information that is storen on the Google servers will be used by Google to report on the usage of the website, to create reports on website activities and to analyse connections between the midocean website and other services that are used within the website. It is possible to prevent Google from storing cookies on your computer, by a setting in your web browser. We would like to point out that by disabling the use of cookies will have a negative impact on the usage of the midocean website.

It is also possible to prevent that data stored in the cookies will be transferred to the servers of Google, making it not possible to use the data for further analysis and improvement. In order to do so you can download a browser plug-in through this link:

Usage of cookies

In order to create an useful and correct experience when visiting our website, some of the functionality in the webshop rely on information stored in cookies. Most of the cookies that we use within the website will be deleted when you close the browser. Other cookies will remain stored on your device and enable us to recognise you upon a re-visit, making it easier to access the required functionality on the next visit.

It is possible to set your browser in a way that for each cookie that is set, you will receive a notification and possibility to accept or reject the storage of a specific cookie. If you decide to reject certain cookies of our website, it might be that part of the website will not function properly.

What data is stored and used when I place an order at midocean?

It is only possible to place an order at midocean when you are a recognised customer. Your company information and the personal information of the users that are allowed to place an order in the website are stored in the systems of midocean. The information is needed for the correct processing of the service you require by midocean. This will ensure that we can deliver the quality of service you have come to expect from us.

The main source of data for our purposes is the company data for which you work. Next to the general company data, such as name and address information, also financial information and organisational information will be required to enable all our processes. This information is stored within the secured systems of midocean and will not be shared with 3rd parties without written notification to you.

Data can be changed online in the website. There are some data components that need a closer control to prevent fraud and abuse that are excluded from this online management. If you need to change these data fields, you can contact our back office to request the change.

What data is stored and used when I sign up for the news letter?

When you register for our newsletter you agree to receiving newsletters and offers through email by us. We will use the email address provided to us for the distribution of the newsletter. The newsletter will contain information of midocean, products that we offer and services that we provide. It is possible to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

What data is stored and used when I register as customer?

When you enter your company data in the registration form, we will check the provided data. When the registration is approved, your company and employee data will be stored in our information systems to enable the usage of our services. When the registration is not approved you will be notified. The data provided in the form will be archived.

How will my data be protected against abuse.

The website that you are visiting will be protected with the use of an encrypted and controlled url (https://). All other systems that midocean use in fulfilling the promised service to you are hosted in a highly secured hosting facility with fraud measures. This ensures that your data can not be accessed by unauthorized employees or external parties. All your data is protected by a password that is only known by you. Encryption technology makes it impossible to retrieve this data by other people.

Next to that we have implemented logic that key company information can not be edited online. It is only possible to change this data with a formal request to the back office of midocean. If we have doubts about the request we will validate this before changing it in our systems.

It is important that you will secure your own access information yourself and not share this with anyone else. This also includes closing the browser after using the website, to make sure there is no unauthorised access possible.

Privacy Policy Management

In case of questions about, or changes needed with respect to the data stored on your company or employee(s), please contact the back office of your midocean sales office. They will be able to help you or guide your question to the correct responsible person within the company. The back office can be reached through email